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Think about what you know. Everything—family, friends, spouses. The natural laws by which this world is governed. The air you breathe, the water you drink. That which gives you peace, and those in whom you find solace. These things comfort you, envelop you in a blanket of familiarity and the knowledge that everything is how it should be.

Now…look again. How much do you really know? How trustworthy is that man or woman with whom you share your bed? How sure are you that the wisdom you've garnered through a lifetime of routine and habit is the only truth there is? Has your immersion in the mundane prepared you for the possibility that everything you've learned…is wrong?

There are other worlds within our own, fantastic and horrifying realms where vampires hold dominion, Heaven and Hell war in the diner down the street, and that dog who sits nightly at your feet dreams of snacks that taste more human. Open the door to these worlds, and a phantasm might show you the secret to salvation, a corpse lying in the snow may sing a song of redemption, and the monsters of your childhood dreams plot their escape from your imagination…and into your backyard.

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