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Chapter One

I sat silently in the dining room of the Training Centre, waiting for my mentors to arrive. The place was cold and clinical, a metal fortress from which there was no escape. A windowless cell with metal walls and a large heavy table and only one door at the far end, which I stared longingly at, wishing I could be anywhere but here.

It had all happened so quickly. Yesterday had been like every other day before it. I was cold, miserable, hungry, but free. I'd been wandering the streets of City 613 when I was grabbed and bundled into a van and the next thing I'd woken up in this fortress. Straight away I knew where I was. A place where all of us with no one to care fear ending up.

On the street we called it the Meat Grinder, on the TV they called it the Training Centre. A place where contestants were prepared before being flung into an arena to fight for their lives while the entire population sat back to watch. The aim was to survive, become the last one standing or else disappear from existence. To eliminate a competitor you had to sexually dominate them. No actual killing was allowed in the arena, apparently the population wouldn't be able to handle that.

I waited, my mind in turmoil. I knew why I had been chosen. They only ever chose people who wouldn't be missed, those who were physically attractive and could handle themselves in a fight. They always took people from the street, the government's way of handling unemployment and keeping the rabble under control whiles keeping the general population amused.

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