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Dark Lands: Homecoming

Authors Note: This story is a side note to The Charmer, meant for those of you who wanted to know Wiley’s story. It’s not meant to stand alone, so if you don’t already know how her story ends, you’ll have to read TC.


She hated parties.

Parties were full of happy, smiling people. Wiley James had never fit into that crowd, so she ditched her boss’s birthday bash and ran off to the hills.

Literally. Sometimes a girl had to go AWOL.

It started out like any other adventure, with her dashing off a note and leaving coordinates for her roommate and best friend, Jasmine. Nearly as crazy as Wiley, Jas would roll her eyes, grumble, then load up her Jeep and track Wiley down. Lemming, Wiley’s search and rescue dog, would be helping. It was good training for the dog, and a much needed vacation for Wiley.

It wouldn’t be the first time she’d left a note for her good-natured friend to find after work. When Wiley had the itch to go, she waited for no one. Sometimes she thought she might explode if she didn’t run into the woods. They were her solace, her grounding place.

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