Wild Mush Rooms

By Alan Beech

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Alan Beech

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The mushrooms on the cover were carefully picked by the author from hand-colored prints in "British Fungi" 3rd edition, by M. C. Cooke (Hardwicke & Bogue, London) 1876. The first edition (publ. 1862) probably influenced Lewis Carroll. He published Alice in Wonderland three years later. In Wonderland, Alice nibbled a magic mushroom. First she grew very tall, then very tiny.


Alpha and Omega
A Girl’s Best Friends
Another Beer
As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap
A Gentle Senior Lady
Back to Nature
Black Strength
Cheer That Volunteer
Christmas Spirit
Chemicals, Drugs and Side Effects
Down By the Old Mill Stream
Earth is Burning
Evolution and Darwin
Fat Farm America
Friday in the Park with Sue
God Backs Winners
He wasFat,Uncouth and Ugly
Henry VIII, Great Tudor King
Hooray for May
I Come from Folks
I’m Not a Flag Waver
If You Were the Only Girl in the World
Importance of Fem Lib
Invading Iraq
Killing Caterpillars
Life and Scrabble
Long Lasting Love
Love My Guitar
Making New Drugs
My Gal Done Left Me Dry
My Roving Guitar
Playing with Chemicals
Pompous Pater
Relations are Coming
Round the Campfire
Scientific Genesis
Shakes Peer
Six Blind Men Again
SouthFlorida 2050 Lament
Suicide Aside
Stormy Love
The Gay Engineer
The Devil's Advocate
Village Cricket
Wee Free Plea
What to Believe of Adam and Eve
When We Change To Summer Time
Winter supplies
U R My Moonshine

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