Stones’ Quest:

In Search of Its Master

Book 1


LaRene R. Ellis

Smashwords Edition

Centuries ago, a young sorceress fell in love, but not with the man chosen by her powerful father. Giving up everything she has, the lovers escape fleeing the moon and her father’s hateful oppression. Or so they thought...Battling KOGN and hiding from I-Force, Ghonllier and his renegade crew continue their pursuit of the all-powerful Stones.

In Book 1:

A young boy finds a powerful white Stone. Is it evil or good? Ghonllier is the best commander in the I-Force fleet, fighting valiantly in the galactic civil war against the evil Suzair the Great and the KOGN forces. But when the commander's ship rescues a young boy from a KOGN attack, Ghonllier is unprepared for the consequences, and the powerful secret the boy carries in his pocket.

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