Chapter Three: Fighting for Workers’ Rights

Chapter Four: In Defense of All Immigrants

Chapter Five: Breaking the Silence

Chapter Six: Reversing a Wrong

Chapter Seven: Preserving affordable housing

Chapter Eight: Challenging National Security Civil Rights violations


About the Author

A work such as this one would not have been possible without the cooperation of countless persons who contributed their time and effort toward making this narrative as in-depth and substantive as it is. Special thanks to Dale Minami and Audee Kochiyama-Holman for their early encouragement of the idea of writing this book. Special Thanks also to Bill Tamayo, Madge Kho, Jee Hyung Kim, Ling Woo Liu for reviewing and commenting on draft versions of the manuscript. Further thanks to Ken Kawaichi, Dennis Hayashi, Gene Lam, Harvey Dong, Lora Jo Foo, Titi Liu, Paul Igasaki, Emil DeGuzman, Omar Calimbas, Don Tamaki, Garrick Lew, Dennis Roberts, Michael Wong, Stan Mark, Don Tamaki, Chris Punongbayan, Carlo De la Cruz , Winifred Kao, Larry Lowe, Paul Ocampo, Melanie Chan, Karen Korematsu, Marwa Elkady and Niki Moore for their input.

Very special thanks to Dora E. Love for her love and support during the 21-month marathon, and her innumerable helpful suggestions, cover design development and editorial contributions. Very special thanks to my parents for their early shaping of my progressive political directions, particularly to my late father, Clemente Cacas who, in my teens, constantly reminded me of the racial segregation conditions he lived in during the 1930s by driving me to Bell Vocational High School which he attended in D.C. and to my mother, Maria B. Cacas, who has repeatedly instilled in me the importance of standing up to injustice including the many times classmates called me offensive names like “Jap” or “Chink” and especially the one time in first grade when a classmate wrote “Jap” on the back of my shirt.

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