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What readers are saying about The Knowing Gene

The author did an EXTRAORDINARY job with this book. This book is filled with mystery, romance, a man’s love/devotion for his daughter, and a man set on doing the right thing and not being taken advantage of by government agencies. The comedy the author used in this book was marvelous. I laughed several times. I don’t normally read a book a second time, but I did and will be again!” Connie J., NV ( review)

I loved reading it – had that ‘I have to know what happens next’ feeling all along. A fun, easy, and engaging read; likable characters and constant action!” Maureen C., WI

A riveting roller-coaster ride of a story! One of the most compelling books I have read in a long time, ‘The Knowing Gene’ sure knows how to keep the reader hooked throughout the entire novel! It's the perfect concoction of all those delicious ingredients blending into a 5 star gourmet feast for the mind. Spicy characters, robust romance, peppery plot, and a generous dash of humor!!” Nancy M., NC ( review)

I finished your book! I read very quickly and am thankful when I get a chance to become engrossed in a story. A good book is an escape, an island of relaxation where that is the only thing you have to think about. It was just that. I was very impressed with the obvious research you did and the pace of the book was great.” Shannen, GA

"The Knowing Gene" is a unique fast-paced suspenseful read coming from first-time author, Robert Lange. The book's protagonist, Christian Faraday, can perhaps best be described as witty, caring, bold, urbane, and technically savvy. Though an amazing number of hair-raising twists and turns, the reader is swept along with the Faraday character during a 24-hour chase as he tries to elude those that wish to capture him. Faraday's accidental acquisition of paranormal capabilities makes the character "invaluable" to many ... a sitting U.S. president, the FBI, and the CIA, just to name a few. And of course there is a nice romance blended in. I think this novel would make a fantastic movie enjoyed by both men and women. Move over James Bond, you've just been outdone!” Jon T, M.D., GA ( review)

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