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You Are a Star, General Secretary: This will make you shine brighter

Richard Charles McMillan

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Richard Charles McMillan

Hello! Secretary.

Hey! Don’t be afraid that I am talking only to a professional Secretary. No. It is Not so.

First of all, my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes, for choosing one of the most interesting and challenging portfolios in the world. That of a General Secretary. This role is adopted and adapted almost in all situations. So, here when I refer to a Secretary you can be in almost any demographic region. From a Twenty Nine year old female Corporate Secretary arranging for a board meeting, to a sixteen year old School boy arranging a parent-teacher’s meet. From a forty five year old Society Secretary arranging a water solution meet, to an eighty year old Senior Citizen organizing a get-together.

So this ebook is for almost


Those of you who are organizing something or would do so in the future, gulp up this ebook and make the best of it.

A few digital tools currently available to almost all of us today, are also enlisted appropriately to facilitate its use, to smoothen out conglomerations.

And more than that, dear Secretary, yours is generally considered a thankless job. This image I would erase and make you feel what you really are - a STAR.

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