by Jack Vivace

Copyright 2010-2012  Jack-a-Dreams Press

Smashwords Edition

Over, Under, Around and Through

I didn’t even notice the guy until after he grabbed my bag. I darted after him as soon as I was able to process what was happening, but it did me no good. He was off the train just as the doors began to close, and I reached them too late. I punched the door-open button a few times just for stress relief as the train started moving.

I glared at the door for the entire fifteen minutes it took to get to the next stop – damn suburbs – and ran out onto the platform there as if I expected the guy to be waiting there, somehow, as part of his getaway.

I forced myself to stop as the train doors closed and it continued on without me. Going off on a tangent, running around like an idiot, that wouldn’t accomplish anything. No, I had to figure out what I was dealing with.

First of all, I had no idea whether the guy who stole my bag knew what he was doing. I’m a freelance occultist, after all. My bag may not be ordinary, but it certainly looks it.

My friend Mark would laugh at me if he was here – his bag is enchanted so that other people can’t touch it. I thought about something like that when he did his up. He even offered to do mine! But I thought it would draw too much attention if it was randomly shocking people who got to close on the train or in a crowd. Mark’s a lot less social than I am.

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