[1][Perfection & Void]

In the beginning everything was whole.

All of every universe and alternate reality and dimension--

All was just one entity. The Entirety.

All was perfect. It was undisturbed. The Entirety was a single conscious entity.

...But the Entirety had memories of the Eron before, and it had a great sadness, even if all was whole.

So it decided to create void, to put the sadness within, and at the same time, the void would embody unconsciousness. This unconsciousness was still very small in comparison to the vastness of the consciousness, but it was just enough to split it in two.

Thus, One became Two with the addition of Zero.”

-The Origins of Reality & Existence

[01-001][Froxxe’s Plummet]

Waking up...

Whispers chanted in chaotic requiem.


It was another matter of seconds before he knew he was drowning. The entire world was an ocean of sounds, the sight behind wild eyes flashing like fireworks.

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