This Is No Secret –Joy Kapur


The completion of this book is a small miracle in itself. It is a product of constant inspiration from my older brother Dr. Kanwar Krishan Kapur, without his helpful hints, his immense patience, his cheerful prodding, his untiring stamina and his ever scintillating optimism; this book would not have seen the light of the day.

My heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Sushil Chandra, for his help in the editing process and provided his uncanny insights, his meticulous attention to detail and wisdom in deciphering the Vedic knowledge of the ancient Indian seers. He has been very kind and generous to write a Foreword to this book. I admire his disarming simplicity and humility born of wisdom.

My deepest gratitude to the gracious copy-editing help from Monica Munjal and for being so helpful, just like her dad Mr. Krishan Munjal.

A special note of thanks to Sarna Keswani, who deserves my heart’s gratitude because it is she who kept me going and provided care, faith and moral support in the completion of this book. Thank you Sarna from the bottom of my heart, for your patience, understanding, support, love and all you did to make this book a reality.

Thanks to the lessons I learnt from my mother, the late Mrs. Rampiari Kapur and for her dedication, unconditional love and silent prayers and who lovingly labored all her life to make us what we are today. My heart goes out with gratitude to those who are no more with us today like my dear uncle R.S Kundan Lal Kapur, Dr. Dev Nath Ghai & my sister Vimla Ghai and my cousin Mr. Tilak Raj Khanna.

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