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Words are not enough to express my gratitude for those who consistently support me and the ones whose constant guidance I treasure most include my younger brother Mike Kapur and his wife Prabha Kapur and my adoptive brother Abdul Suleman and his wife Zarine Suleman. I owe much to the wisdom, clarity and spiritual insights of Naina Singh.

My heart-felt thanks to my good friend Dr. Naras Bhatt and for his very insightful book on Heart and stress disorders.

I do not have the right words to express my deepest gratitude for true friends Gretchen and Lawrence Eisenberg.

I wish to thank all of my friends who want to remain anonymous and those who bring light to my world the likes of Sunita and Shree Nichani, Raju and Chandru Jagtiani, Sonia and Jai Sainani, Meenu and Kishan Tejwani, Pushpa & Mohan Shahani, Krishana and Ram Kirpalani, Aruna and Vinod Sood, Neelam and Sarabjit Thakur, Renu Nagdev, Shirley Balwani, Aunti Shantiji, Anita, Deena and Air Marshal Satish Inamdar, Anita & Kamal Gunsagar, Kusum & Suren Gupta, Anita & Ram Vij, Vinoo & Pyare Khanna, Usha & Suresh Belani, Poonam & Satish Bhutani, Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Handa, Mr. Mrs. Madra, Mr. & Mrs. T.S. Khanna, Mr. & Mrs. Krishan Munjal, Mr. & Mrs. Vishwa Sharma, Mr. Mrs. Peter Sahjani, Mr. and Mrs. Gurdip Gujral and Shobha and Ashok Dadlani.

My very special gratitude for Maira Shafqat ( for her graciousness and for her god-gifted talents to design the cover of this book. And thanks to Sasha Sanders, Kathleen Walker and Caroline Williams for being what they are…they spread light wherever they go.

Last but not the least, my two sons Ravi Kapur and Rishi Kapur, who deserve special thanks for their unconditional love and support and who are a constant source of joy, bliss and inspiration in my life.

I will be failing in my duty if I didn’t mention that my greatest gratitude and indebtedness belongs to the country of my birth…India. (Yes, my heart belongs to India!). My life and living has been molded by the teachings of Vedanta (the greatest scriptures of Indian tradition, the Vedas and the Upanishads). This book is a drop from the Infinite wisdom contained in Vedanta philosophy and my humble tribute to the timeless wisdom of the ancient Indian seers. My heart-felt salute is to the genius of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, who brought out the wisdom (“to diffuse knowledge and dissipate ignorance”) contained in the Vedas to the world.

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