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Back From
The Brink

A Guide To Help

You Control Your Drink.

Simi Sanderson

Smashwords Edition

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Back From The Brink

Most people who have drinking problems have other issues that keep them returning to the bottle. Problems that are frustrating and maybe at this point out of their control. The next time you are driven to find the answer at the bottom of a bottle, step back from the brink of your despair and question, why do I need to drink?

Drink less and improve your life

If you’re drinking too much and you know alcohol is having a damaging effect on your life, this book can help.

Let’s put this in perspective about 8% of any community is dependent on alcohol (they cannot get through the day without a drink), and 25% of adults drink too much.

Get serious and understand that there are serious health issues arising from prolonged, heavy drinking, such as heart disease, strokes, cancers, brain and nerve damage, organ damage.

Be aware of that if you drink large volumes of alcohol then it can start to control you, and eventually take over your everyday life, over time you may even become addicted.

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