Brian’s Value Calculating Method

Brian Garee

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The Horse Player dies and goes to Heaven and is at the pearly gates standing before St Peter pleading his case“St Peter I’ve been a good man on earth. 1Being a good man on earth. I was kind to elderly people, helping them cross the street safely and contributing to charities such as the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts as well as praying daily with emotion enthusiasm and devotion.” St Peter answered, “Yes According to my Log Book you did pray almost daily with great emotion enthusiasm and devotion. The problem is you only did it when your horse was running down the stretch and near the finish line.”

St Peter reached for the lever and down the horseplayer went

This book is not guaranteeing anything about playing winning horses, except to say the thoughts contained in this book reflect my own viewpoints and those of expert opinions as expressed by them in many authoritative publications, and at numerous seminars and classes through the years A substantial number of them have made them available to interested racing fans willing to pay the price for their important data and expertise. If you would like to add them to your skills, go you and likewise serving as the Chairman of the American Race goer’s fan club for twelve years particularly added my racetrack attendance expertise. This was a race fan club that was originated by its diligent and indefatigable President Carol Scott Sochi, to whom I am particularly indebted to, for introducing me to the complex world of Thoroughbred Horse Racing breeding through the reading of the prestigious Blood Horse Magazine, a special favorite publication of hers. Carol proved its practical and profitable use often, to me and our membership, by making numerous race picks that had select pries, by just using her vast knowledge of published breeding data, combined with her astute horse body language observation in the paddock and on her on the track eye balling during the pre race post parade. I am also indebted to Carol for my handicapping article being published in the Gambling Times magazine, which was so well received that the magazine published, the following month an enthusiastic testimonial by a young couple telling the detail about how many winners they had and requested more articles by me While serving as Chairman of T.A.A.A, I had the pleasure and worthwhile experience of representing our fan club and race fans in general, as part of the “Governor of Illinois Task Force For Racing Committee” a group of prominent people in Illinois who were assembled by our Governor to advance the improvement and growth of horse racing in Illinois which was sorely in need of this type of help at that time.

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