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It had gotten extremely warm outside this summer’s day just as the sun rose high overhead and Alex knew that inside their home would be even more unbearable. He decided to climb one of the trees that grew around the outskirts of their family farm when the direct sunlight and breezeless morning became warm; after his meager morning chores were completed of course.

He opened his eyes and looked down to the ground to judge the distance too high to drop safely, then up into the sky to see that the clouds were finally starting to build properly and the sea breeze had finally kicked up enough to help cool the stagnant air, if only slightly. He could tell that it wasn’t going to rain today, but at least the clouds would help keep the heat bearable to work in.

Alex yelled back in the direction that he heard Gambit’s voice originate. “I’m over here, Uncle Gambit!”

Well get over here! I’ve got something for you from the market!” At that he climbed down the tree in instant anticipation. There were few things he has ever liked growing up and Alex’s uncle knew that. And of those gifts his favorite things were actually books, a rare pleasure. He hoped that his uncle finally found the one book he loved, just like the one his spiteful cousin ruined last growing season. Books were his only outlet from personal own misery.

Once he finally managed to scale down the tree safely and firmly plant his feet on the ground his gaze swept over towards their home.

Most of the property his uncle owned is fertile farmland. He could see only a small bump in the distance where their farmhouse stood. There was a small chicken pen where they kept the livestock close to their home. It was made with three wooden walls and a slanted roof. The front side was open and closed off with linked fencing. Earlier, Alex laid rows upon rows of crops that were green and healthy thanks to the rich volcanic soil that they lived on. It would take several minutes to get to his uncle so he decided to survey the fields as he meandered back home. He looked from the left to the right and saw that no fiends or unwanted pests stealing any of the ripening crops. Alex knew they also needed to wait at least another week until they could start harvesting enough of the crops to make some money. They needed to save up enough to hopefully buy another horse because the last one died of old age about three months prior and they honestly needed the extra help only a horse could supply.

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