Diana Castilleja

P.O. Box 364

Buda, TX 78640

Jessica Harden has lived her adult life raising and protecting her son. Except her surprises have been lying in wait for her.

With the inheritance of her own business, her ordered life begins to experience the darker side of her ex-husband's history, involving secrets and money. And someone in the shadows knows about both.


Look, I know I said I would get help. And I did, but…” The words trailed off as Arthur desperately searched for a plausible excuse, his gaze erratic, bouncing wildly around the room without finding a single answer. There was little that would save him this time. The truth behind that fact made him shudder. He dragged a damp hand down his pants leg, a nervous gesture that went unnoticed. His mind was running in agitated circles, oblivious to everything but the reason behind the phone call. He ignored the sweat forming over his creased brow.

The voice on the other end was nearing the point of exasperation. “Arthur, I helped you once already. You barely came through with the money then. The loan you’re asking for this time is more than twice as much. I just don’t think it’s a good…” The jerked pause only seemed to amplify the surprise in the other man’s voice. “You got help?”

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