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Parallels of Light is dedicated

to all who seek God.

The photographs are sunrises, and no filters were used. The photograph on the cover and the other similar photos were taken in Texas about a week before hurricane Ike in 2008.

To the Reader

All that is around us on this earth is God’s creation. To become in tune with God’s word, is to have a better understanding of all. There are many parallels concerning people, creations and God. These teach harmony, peace and love.

Wallace E. Martin - WM

Wallace shared his ideas with me for “Parallels of Light” and sent the manuscript marked for my poetry. I remembered a series of poems I quickly scribbled while watching reflected light on a wall. These poems had been set aside for another work. However, I knew the poems were intended for “Parallels of Light” as I read Wallace’s words. These poems were added in perfect order each place Wallace requested without any changes. Another poem I had already written was also added. I wrote a little for the book to complete my part. This flow of harmony was a gift from God for you.

Jean Ann Shirey – JS


We would like to thank our God, who illuminates everything. We are sincerely grateful to our editors, Sylvia Odenwald and Caitlin Smith, for their invaluable assistance with Parallels of Light.

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