Cancer Freedom

one person’s journey of faith

by Beatrice Hofman Hoek

as told by Melanie Jongsma

What readers have said about Cancer Freedom

“I just read the book today—I was too scared before. It was perfect timing and a WONDERFUL book—everyone who knows someone with cancer should read it!”

–Jan K, cancer patient

“I read this book as I was in the surgery waiting room, sitting through my husband’s cancer surgery. It was like walking with someone as they journeyed through their experience with cancer. It was good to hear the encouraging things along with the struggles. I’m planning to purchase copies to have around to give to friends who are struggling with cancer.”

–Mary J, administrator

“This story is from one who has been there, through the dark valley and the uncertain future. I wish it had been available when our family was experiencing these depths several years ago.”

–Alexander D, author

“One of the difficulties that I encountered in searching for reading material while I suffered with cancer is that much of it is so superficial that it lacks the candor and honesty that this book includes. I’ve been through the experience of dealing with cancer three times in my own life, and I found much in this small book that is realistic, practical, and helpful.”

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