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He wasn’t her biological father of course, and legally, he had never adopted her, but he was the only father she could remember. Her real Dad had died when she was very young, and she and her mother had carried on as people do when they have no other choice. Then Mark had come into the picture.

Her mom had dated a few guys she knew between Mark and her father, but none of them had shown any interest in her at all, and she had only met one or two of them after her mom had dated them for a time. Mark was different. She was eleven when he and her mom started dating and on the very first date, he had suggested they take Amy along to the movie with them. Naturally this had endeared him to both mother and daughter and by the time she was thirteen her mother had married Mark and they moved into a new home in the country and things couldn’t have been better.

Even then Amy had been attracted to Mark. But three years later, when her mother was killed in a car crash, and Mark took over the job of raising her alone without question, Amy realized how incredible it was that she had him in her life. Her daydreams about her step-dad were already by this time beyond what most people would consider a healthy father-daughter relationship, and they only progressed from there.

Amy dated occasionally, and she had some experience with sex, though she found it lacking. Boys her age just couldn’t do it, and after letting them spend themselves she would end up back at home finishing herself while she envisioned her father doing the job. It was after one of these dates that she came home and found her father had gone out with a client from work and wouldn’t be in until late. She texted him to let him know she was home safe and began getting ready for bed.

As she passed his room on the way to the shower she noticed that he’d left his computer on. Thinking to turn it off for him she walked into the room and reached for the power button, but froze when she saw the website he was on. It was a dating sight specializing in unusual sexual appetites of all kinds. Was he on here just for kicks, or did her dad like some kinky sex that she didn’t know about? She heard him at the front door about that time, and realized that he wouldn’t be thrilled that she was in his room with this on his screen, and that she was standing in his room stark naked. While she would love for him to see her naked like this, she didn’t want it to look like she was spying. She quickly made a note of his username, and then bolted for the shower.

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