The End of All

By W Bradley

Copyright 2012 By W Bradley

Published at Smashwords

We were travelling no more than a half hour before Gheid announced our arrival. I had been speaking with Dia and Leyla, discussing our situation, analysing whether or not we had a choice in the matter of trusting the Sindenian. Between us we concluded that we had to trust him, if not for his space ship, then for his alien knowledge; we were literally lost and stranded without help and he seemed the most trustworthy of the races we’d heard of.

Bad news.” Said Gheid following a moment’s silence in which he had been fiddling with various dials and screens. “I have reason to believe the Saerg are here.” He seemed calm but there was a hint of trepidation in his voice.

The Saerg? …Are here??” I was far from calm.

My ship is receiving a signal designed to warn others of the presence of the Saerg. This planet was arranged to be the meeting place for a great number of my race but I fear they have been either captured or killed.” Gheid turned from the ship’s computers to face me, Dia and Leyla. “I will not ask you to help me in this matter. But I am going down to the planet to seek survivors and to see if I can learn why the Saerg would do this; as far as I know, they do not know our supposed involvement with the Prooth.”

I could see where the Sindenian was going with his speech and had already decided I would go with him and when I opened my mouth to ask Dia and Leyla to remain in the ship, they told me they would be coming too.

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