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The Manager’s


Managing from the Heart

A Way of Life

Managerial tools for developing self and staff

by Larry D. Braley & Ray D. Gragg

© 2007 Larry D. Braley & Ray D. Gragg

Published by Larry D. Braley & Ray D. Gragg at Smashwords

Note: “The Manager’s Toolbox” is a manager training book from Manager Development Services. At Manager Development Services, we do one thing and one thing only; we specialize in training managers in the “art” of managing people.

The Manager’s Toolbox

This book is designed to be a “quick reference” guide to using tools found in the text, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life.” These tools will enhance the quality and productivity of any person’s life.

It is important to understand that tools cannot build or repair anything. It’s only the person who is willing to pick them up and use them that can build or repair something. It’s also important to understand that practice makes better. It doesn’t make perfect; it makes better. The more often you use a particular tool, the more natural and adept you become at using it.

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