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4. Must not be simultaneously submitted to another publication.

5. Must be an original work that has not been published elsewhere.


Reviews and articles about historical fiction, alternate history books, genres and writers are welcome and criteria 2) and 3) above also apply.


We would love to have your artwork to illustrate the magazine and website.

How To Submit

Visit for details. You should expect a response to your submission within three months.

How to Get Alt Hist

Alt Hist is available in a printed format from and, and also as an e-book from the following retailers: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Sony, Kobo and Smashwords.

Editorial by Mark Lord

Welcome to the fourth issue of Alt Hist: the New Magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History. With this issue we are now well into our second year of publication, and everything seems to be going well. This issue contains top-quality stories from a variety of genres: horror, alternate history and fantasy, as well as straight up historical fiction, including a prevalence of stories set during World War II, which is always a popular period for historical fiction and alternate history, but we’ve gone overboard this time. For the cover, however, I decided to select an image related to our first story, ‘Restless’ by Dylan Fox, this piece is set in the 1860s and bordering perhaps on steampunk. ‘Restless’ features ironclad warships of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, so I couldn’t resist a cover image featuring one such ship (although the ship in question is actually French, but never mind ...). I have wanted to put a ship on the cover for a while now.

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