Chapter 54: The serious stuff


Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was in Sweden for almost seven weeks during August and September 2010. What happened to him during those seven weeks is a story familiar to many people in Sweden, because it is in the Swedish language. Here, for the first time, is the story for English-speaking readers.

Much of the text here is translated from police interrogations. Alternative translations of the police interrogations, in full, are available on The Swedish originals of the interrogations are available on several websites.

Chapter 1: A haven

Julian Assange. “I only visited Sweden because the FBI came to the UK and raided one of my alleged source's mother's house, Bradley Manning, in Wales. So the FBI was here in the UK, stomping around the UK, and we thought I'd better get out. And I managed to get some people to write an invite to a talk on the first casualty of... Sorry, the first casualty of the war is the truth, in Sweden, and use that invite as sort-of a safe passage to get out through UK customs to Sweden.” (Julian Assange interviewed on Late Night Live Radio, 6 June 2012.)

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