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Saturday Mornings

(The Mississippi McGills, Book Three)

Peggy Webb

Copyright 2012 by Peggy Webb

Cover art copyright 2012 by Kim Van Meter

Publishing History/Bantam Loveswept/Copyright 1990 by Peggy Webb

Smashwords Edition


“Margaret Leigh, this poodle wet the rug again.”

Margaret Leigh put her purse on the hall table, hung her blazer in the hall closet, and carefully tucked a stray wisp of hair back into her French twist. She smoothed down her skirt—the good navy-blue one she'd bought on sale last year—and turned to face her Aunt Bertha who was descending the stairs.

Aunt Bertha wasn't merely coming down the stairs. She was floating along on a wave of White Shoulders perfume and yellowing lace and pink chiffon, Aunt Bertha's signature color. Sometimes Margaret Leigh got so tired of pink she wanted to scream. She never did, of course. Ladies didn't scream. They politely endured. And if there was one thing Margaret Leigh was, it was a lady.

She sighed. Sometimes she wished she had the courage to cuss. “I’ll clean it up. Aunt Bertha. I'm sure Christine didn't mean to make a mess.”

“She most assuredly did. That poodle peed on the rug deliberately. She's been misbehaving ever since I came for my little visit.”

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