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The Oso Prince

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2012 H. Jason Schulz

Smashwords Edition

Once upon a time, long ago in the western mountains of what is now known as Mexico, there lived a young prince named Raul. This young prince, being large in stature, was a powerful warrior and the chief captain of an army of warriors. He led this army at the young age of 16 against the evil wizard who threatened the safety of the kingdom with his terrible army of shadow soldiers. The shadow soldiers were beings of magic that the evil wizard conjured. Raul, who had had some magical training from the good wizard, held the key to making the shadow warriors mortal. With this spell he marched against the evil wizard and the struggle began. The bloody battle raged an entire day and when the evil wizard was on the verge of defeat, he cast one last, horrible spell upon Raul and his warriors before he fell. The spell killed all the warriors except for Raul, who being so powerful, fought against the spell and instead of being destroyed, became instead a large brown oso, or bear!

Raul tried to use his magic to transform back to a human but was unsuccessful so he made his way back to his father's kingdom. He walked boldly up to the castle gate and called out. “Open the gate!”

Raul's uncle appeared at the rampart overlooking the road that led to the castle. “Who calls!”

“It is I, Raul returning victorious from the war with the evil wizard! Open the gate!”

The king's brother had always been jealous of Raul. He had wanted the throne and so when he saw what had become of Raul he hastily formed a plan to destroy him.

“The evil wizard has sent a monster to attack us!” Raul's brother called out and the remaining soldiers rushed to their arms. They began to launch arrows at Raul which sent him running for the safety of the forest! Raul made his way back to the evil wizard's castle. He was determined to break the spell and then return to deal with his uncle. He tried and tried with no success. The days turned into months and Raul became discouraged but he continued reading the evil wizard’s book and chasing away visitors to the castle.

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