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Chapter 1 Transformation of Aaron Willoughby

Chapter 2 Deft and Daft: the Time Between

Chapter 3 The Pooka and Black Sea Cat of Donegal

Chapter 4 Oisin

Chapter 5 Donal

Chapter 6 Esmeralda and the Not-So-Grand Opera

Chapter 7 Mede: The First Remembrancer

Chapter 8 The Enchanted Island

Chapter 9 Hardhead the Smith


Beltain: May 1st on the Celtic Calendar: first day of summer.

Byre: Barn.

Carragh: originally a hide-covered, willow-framed open boat. It must be rowed, has no cover and floats like a leaf. Saint Brandon may have reached North America in one rowed by 8 or 10 men. He certainly reached Iceland. Later ones have tarred-canvas covers.

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