Six Fright-Mares

By Jackie G Williams

Copyright 2012 Jackie G Williams

Smashwords Edition



Jack threw a child's shoe into the dying flames, then slumped down into the last remaining armchair. His wife and three young children, were asleep on a mattress close to the warmth. It was late October, the snows had come early. Shivering, he listened to the howling wind and watched the curtains flutter as snow inched its way inside through gaps and cracks. For now the small fire heated the room, but by morning they would freeze once more. Jack hated to see his children crying from hunger and cold, his heart broke each time. He leaned closer to the dying embers, looking at shapes in the red and orange glow. Trying to figure out what had happened to life. He looked over at his family, shivering in their sleep, how the hell did it come to this? An anger welled up within him. He felt pain for his loved ones, the families like his and the ones they lost. The only comfort he could find was that his family were still together, and soon, their suffering would be over.

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