Any similarity to persons, living or dead, is unintentional. This is an original work of fiction and all rights are held by the author.

Racing Fate

Strategic Affair Book 4

Copyright 2012 by Taylor Gibbs

ISBN: 978-1-3019-1899-7

Smashwords Edition

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Edited by Tejas

Cover Art by Adelaide Cooper

Racing Fate

Taylor Gibbs

Steel watched as Ronan showered in quick, efficient motions, the other man not wasting any time. Ronan’s fingers dipped into his well-fucked hole and Ronan gave him a wink, short hair slicked down by the steamy water pounding down on him. Clearly, Ronan liked his showers just as he liked his men—hot and always ready. Ronan looked down at his hand as it disappeared between his widely splayed legs, and then up at Steel, and Steel tried to hold back his groan.

As if it wasn’t enough that he’d just fucked the man. As if…

No, he wouldn’t explore this any more. It was sex and that would suffice, for now. Anything else was a complication neither of them needed at this juncture. Distractions could turn deadly, and even though neither of them was in the military any more, old habits died hard.

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