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The project and its completion was all that mattered to him. However, it was a large project, the largest he had endeavored upon, and could only be completed in successive steps; one more step had been completed and he wanted to go out and relax - a brief celebration on his advancing program.

Aaron left his desk to go shower, and from there he would go out. There was no commute time from work to home as Proprietor of Merrick Corporation, a powerful new company in computer software, he could work at home and have his work saved at both his headquarters and his domicile.

Showered and groomed, the bachelor left for his favorite bar.

The Golden Rail was a medium sized bar, and being early afternoon was not too crowded. Its walls were lined with various pictures of architecture and train photos and paraphernalia. The regular patrons, who were not part of the late-night crowd, were other business owners and managers who came to unwind and have pleasant conversations about all things, especially business.

Approaching the entrance, Aaron looked around at who he knew, and who he wouldn’t mind getting to know. Of the few faces he saw, most he knew, but out of all the faces he saw while entering the bar and taking his regular seat toward the back, there was only one face that stayed in his mind. And that face was to a woman he had not seen before; he saw her standing outside.

There was nothing he could place about the woman which made her more remarkable than any other. She was not beautiful, although she was not ugly. She was of average height. Her clothes were somewhat of a tacky taste and a little disheveled, but nothing which showed anything more than a normal person who had a long day at a job and wanted to unwind. Her hair was a darker blonde, cut short. What did set her apart from the others were her eyes. The hazel orbits looked lost and angry; Aaron thought they were the eyes of a woman looking to catch a cheating boyfriend in the act.

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