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Her gaze drifted from person to person quickly and without acknowledging any greeting from those she saw. The only change Aaron saw in her behavior was when she made eye contact with him; those lost angry eyes squinted for a moment, but she did not approach him.

After looking at him for the extra moment, she went back to scouting other faces.

Sitting in his chair, and waiting for his order which he just placed to arrive, Aaron wondered what it was about him that caught her eye. He was dressed nicely, cleanly shaven, had his brown curly hair brushed. He was not a model but still knew himself as somewhat attractive – his face was chiseled and his body was lean as a marathon runner, as with the exception of week-long work binders, he did run five miles five days a week and played softball with company teams three times a week, and baseball with his friends when he could.

After some consternation, he decided to quit worrying about the strange woman, and think back to his accomplishment today – coming closer to completing the new program, the revolutionary software which could affect the business world. Then, and more importantly, he could think on what was next.

Uneasiness returned and offset the fond thoughts of his work for the moment.

The strange woman was now walking inside the bar.

Her movement was as aimless as her gaze. She began to approach one, then stopping, then seeing another and approaching again, only to stop and look for a new person; she looked as though she was coming to a realization that each image was a mirage which disappeared as she approached. Her eyes still had the focused anger to them, but no longer had the lost look. She had the look of a hyena, both a scavenger when the opportunity arises, but also a predator for when the attack is needed.

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