My Neighbors Daughter

James Snow

Published by James Snow at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Snow

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Tom Jenson, tall, dark haired and handsome. Recently single he was spending his Friday night at home, not yet ready to be part of the night life his colleagues were so desperately trying to pull him in to. His break up hadn't been a surprise, he'd seen it coming a mile off. His partner of six years had grown distant and cold, eventually snapping and leaving him.

It was the nights that were the worst. Cold and lonely he'd often slip into bed with nothing for comfort but the feel of his own tight grip around his hard shaft. It was times like those that he longed for the night life, to be out mingling with other care free people and maybe take some pretty young girl home to replace his hand.

He was attractive and he knew that he could do well out there. Just past thirty he was in excellent shape, visiting the gym every other day to keep in top condition. His stomach was toned and his chest broad. His arms bulged from his weight lifting and his ass was firm and tight. He was a dream, bright green eyes and strong cheeks covered with a slight shadow of stubble. His dark hair was always neat and tidy like himself, well groomed.

Tom climbed into his chair and pulled his laptop open clicking onto his recent search history. In moments he was sat watching porn, something that was happening far too often for his liking. He could feel himself growing hard as he watched the scene unfold. The most ludicrous of situations as always, so cliché yet arousing.

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