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Unzipping his trousers he slid his cock free. His hard shaft felt warm in his hand as he began to stroke himself. A tingling sensation ran through his lower body as he began to pleasure himself, eyes transfixes on the girl on screen who was slowly removing her clothes for the Dr. His hand pumped up and down his shaft and his breathing grew heavier as he enjoyed the show when a knock at his door interrupted.

"Crap." Tom muttered under his breath.

He allowed himself to soften and slammed the laptop lid closed, reluctantly putting his cock away. Glancing at the clock he noticed how late it was getting, almost ten pm. He wasn't expecting anyone, especially at this time.

He left the room and headed down the stairs towards his front door. In moments he was there, taking a quick look through the peep hole. Surprise flooded him as he saw his neighbor on his door step.

"Amy?" He asked, pulling the door open.

Amy forced a smile as their eyes met. Her pale cheeks were wet with tears, her eyes red from crying.

"Sorry to call on you so late Tom, I just wasn't sure where else to go." She said, her voice shaken.

"What's wrong? You ok?" Tom asked, concern getting the better of him. "Come in, grab a seat in the living room and I'll grab you a drink and bring it through to you."

"Thanks Tom." Amy managed, her smile less forced now.

Tom let her pass and watched her walk into the living room. Amy was the neighbor's daughter, young, enthusiastic and full of life. She was nineteen and fresh out of college and currently doing part time work in the local village. Tom was exceptionally fond of her having watched her grow up over the past seven years of his life. She was always so happy and friendly and had taken a liking to him from an early age, often popping around to just chat or ask for advice on her studies.

Naturally he couldn't help but notice her transformation from the nerdy little girl she'd been into the stunning young woman she'd become. She'd recently joined the same gym as himself and that's when he'd first seen her for what she now was. He'd been sat in the sauna after a long day at work when she'd walked in. As always she'd burst into conversation and had been over the moon to find out someone she knew also was a member of her gym. Tom however had missed almost every word she'd said.

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