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What Happened to Ghasb Jamīl Tabī’a ad-Dimā

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A Man's Home is His Castle

It was a peaceful night as a dwindling twilight illuminated everything standing above its own shadow. Cumulonimbus clouds were forming at the horizon, slowly placing a shroud between the stars, the moon and the Earth. Their black shape, growing, eclipsing any light, spread as if it was not covering a plain, but filling a vacuum; the cloud's head was at one side, but the darkness like smoke, spread all around.

The Justice Mansion stood out of the darkness, its brick walls resembled a castle, the lights coming from the windows created its moat; it was a stoic visage of fortitude, a floating cloud of illumination against the darkness.

Daemon Justice walked through the hallway of the third floor in his home, toward his wife Dominique’s study. His build was greater than an average man’s, and although he did not tower like a titan, he had the magnificent physique of a god, the ones who, although smaller than the titans, conquered them. His walk was confident, with a solid, even gait. Although his body was somewhat tired, his mind was fiercely active and would not allow him any sleep.

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