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Kathy Edwards

Copyright 2012 by Kathy Edwards

Smashwords Edition


Why do we think the way we think? Why do we have so called “morals” and “values”? In fact, what are “morals” and “values”? In order for you to grasp the concepts presented in this book, you must REMOVE YOURSELF FROM YOURSELF. This statement will become clearer as you progress throughout this book. I am not here to force these ideas on you or to preach to you. I felt the urge to share some thoughts and observations to you and simply lay them out on the table for you – “food for thought” if you will. Do whatever you wish with the information. After all, it is just exercising “freedom of speech”, right?

What or who determines where to draw the line with something like “freedom of speech” anyways? Yes, the constitution contains the basic fundamentals of our rights as Americans - the basic dos and don’ts for us in this free country. However, violate any of these rights and the justice system will avenge. The justice system will use the law to prosecute any wrong doers so that the innocent will get what they deserve and the guilty will get what they deserve. But, what or who determines that this person is guilty? To understand what I mean by all of these questions presented, you must REMOVE YOURSELF FROM YOURSELF.

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