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Unfortunately my admiration was soon interrupted as a customer entered the store. I served the gentleman and a short while later the store was empty once again leaving myself and Harriet alone.

“I can't believe how quiet it is today." Harriet complained.

"Tell me about it." I replied. “I think I may die of boredom at this rate but I guess it's handy since the others are off sick, we wouldn't want it to be too busy."

"True." She said, smiling across the till at me.

I was stood behind the till and at that moment was extremely grateful for my 6"4 height advantage. Harriet was leaning on the till directly in front of me, the tight green top she was wearing clung to her tits giving me a great view from above. There was certainly more than a handful available to play with and it took al of my will power not to conjure up the image of what those pert breasts would look like without the green top covering them.

"We are going to miss our store targets if things don't pick up." Harriet said, snapping me out of my fantasy with a jolt.

"Not that much we can really do about it though is there?" I pointed out.

She stood in silence for a moment looking as though she was thinking of something to say but couldn't quite find the words. Eventually she looked up at me from her leaning position on the till, a smile spreading across her face and a mischievous gleam in her gorgeous brown eyes.

"Lets make it interesting." She suggested.

"Go on?" I prompted, intrigued by her suggestion.

"Well lets make a wager, whoever sells the most from this point on wins! Simple really."

"What can we wager?" I asked. "It's just over a week until pay day."

Harriet fell silent although I knew she already had an answer. She liked to play games, it was what she was good at and one of the things that made her so much fun to work with. It was also one of those things that I just knew would make her great in the bedroom.

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