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Confessions of a Feminazi – An American Woman Finds Her Voice

S Whalen

Copyright 2012 by S Whalen

Smashwords Edition


When women got the right to vote is when it all went downhill.” – Rush Limbaugh

Mr. Limbaugh obviously has a problem with women.

Millions of Intelligent educated, independent, successful women that consider themselves feminists and those who don’t. There is no blurring of the lines when it comes to what he thinks about the female gender. He’s extremely vocal. Women, who believe in political, economic, social rights, are pro-choice and those that are particularly vocal or strong willed are categorized as ‘feminazis’.

Mr. Limbaugh equates powerful women with militancy and extremism and pulls in the Nazi reference that has nothing to do with his false assertions for controversy and sensationalism. I believe it is code for he and his dittoheads for what they really mean and want to say, ‘aggressive bitches’. Mr. Limbaugh won’t say that on air but I would imagine he’s probably said it numerous times in safe company. Considering what comes out of his mouth while on air, I’m sure his language is very colorful indeed when he speaks in private.

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