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In 2004, Mr. Limbaugh named feminist activists Gloria Steinem, Susan Sarandon, Christine Lahti, and Camryn Manheim as "famous feminazis." All talented, successful, intelligent women…I rest my case.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” Abraham Lincoln-Republican

Mr. Limbaugh, a well-known perpetuator of lies, spreader of hate, mentor of fear, and a visceral purveyor of incivility on the national stage and who is personally responsible for sending our national discourse over the cliff. He has turned civility into a negative and vulgar into the norm. Civil societies do not behave like this.

I’d managed to ignore him most of my life. I’d hear the outrageous things he would say and blow it off since I couldn’t fathom someone of this caliber ever capable of having much influence over the calmer heads in this nation, let alone be popular but I could no longer ignore him after he said, ‘I hope Obama fails’, my heart sank first and then I got mad. I wanted to know what was the attraction to this nasty piece of work?

From what I understand, Rush Limbaugh, the man who calls himself an American loving patriot, didn’t register to vote until he was 35 and even though he refers to Reagan as his greatest influence, which I don’t believe for a second since he wasn’t influenced enough to bother with registering or voting.

I could write a lot of nasty things about Mr. Limbaugh but I don’t need to lower myself to his level and I’d like to raise the bar on our national discourse. I’d like to bring politeness, courtesy and manners back into the public’s dialogue and encourage positive steps towards curing what ails us. The rotting core of a very vocal minority whom is hell bent on destroying what America is made of…the rest of us.

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