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The Five O’Clock Follies

“A freelance writer struggles to find her place among hard-nosed newsmen covering the Vietnam War . . . The action is riveting and the writing is clear, detailed and highly readable. An engrossing portrait of a woman among men in wartime.”–Kirkus

“This story, of a young woman’s odds-against struggle to survive as a war correspondent in Saigon, takes readers behind the grim 1960’s headlines and into the minds and hearts of the military people who fought the war and the reporters who wrote about it. Tuohy, herself a former journalist, has written what may be the best novel yet to emerge from the Vietnam War.” –Albert Ashforth, author of The Rendition

“Ms. Tuohy explores with deep honesty a woman's struggle to be free of the constraints of American society, and the incredible chauvinism of the time. It will amaze the reader to see how far we've come since then, but also how far back we’ve gone. This novel will remind you that freedom, in any form, is worth fighting for, and worth holding onto, no matter what the cost.”–Kaylie Jones, author of A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries

“Angela Martinelli, a raven-haired journalist, arrives in war-torn Saigon in a pair of killer heels and leaves in jungle boots after earning her stripes in work and love. Tuohy writes with the precision of Hemingway and the romantic fire and heart of Margaret Mitchell. This debut novel will transport readers to another time and place and leave them forever changed.”–Nina Solomon, author of Single Wife


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