The Men Behind Mob Wives: Lee D'Avanzo

Kiesha Joseph

Copyright 2012 by Kiesha Joseph

Smashwords Edition

The Biography of Lee D'Avanzo

NAME: Lee D'Avanzo

OCCUPATION: Colombo and Bonanno Crime Families Farm Team Leader

AFFILIATION: New Springville Boys Gang Leader

BIRTH DATE: March 7, 1969 (43 years old)

HOMETOWN: Pleasant Plains, Staten Island, New York

Lee D'Avanzo, is alleged to be the leader of a farm team behind the Colombo and Bonanno Crime Families. A farm team is a gang that's responsible for recruiting new members for the Mafia. Because of the fact that he's spent most of the last twelve years of his life in prison, there isn't much public information available about him. But, aside from the fact that his wife, Drita D'Avanzo is one of stars of the VH1 hit reality show, Mob Wives, the most intriguing thing about Lee is his family history.

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