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Independence Gay

By Anita Dobs

Copyright Anita Dobs 2012

Smashwords Edition 2012

Working in the night around the military camp had its benefits thought Josh Devlin, as he made his way to the showers to meet Corporal Rawling for their late night tryst, the same nightly tryst that had been going on for weeks. As he was on late night guard duty, he had the freedom to roam around the camp and go where he pleased. For a gay soldier, to be enclosed in a place with hundreds of men and what amounted to a hall pass, was a wonderful thing.

Josh made sure he looked like a man on a serious mission as he marched with is rifle in one hand and across his shoulder, and his peak cap down over his eyes giving him a slightly menacing look in the moonlight. His tight military uniform had been giving him problems for days as he had been bulking-up his muscle mass with steroids. The previous day when turning to talk to a fellow soldier one of the upper buttons had actually popped out and that had surprised him just as much as the other soldier, who actually bit his lower lip and looked at Josh in a way that could only mean one thing. That soldier was sure to be one of Josh's future conquests, but for now, he had other more important matters... Corporal Rawling's massive and thick eight inches to be precise.

As he crossed the expanse of grounds to the soldiers barracks, Captain Willis walked by and saluted him in a perfunctory way that suggested he had no idea what Josh was about to do. Not many people in the camp knew that Josh was gay, except the other soldiers he had fucked of course. It was a matter of honor among them all to not reveal the others' secret, so his true predilection for penis had been hidden rather well.

Entering the building Josh arrived at the outside of the communal showers. All the other grunts should be in bed by now, he thought, and he gave the customary code whistle into the showers and waited for Corporal Rawlings' response that would signal the all clear. Looking to his left and right he saw no one; the light down the corridor at the entrance to the barracks was flickering with a strobe effect that made the whole area look slightly menacing. Josh felt his heart palpitate as it usually did at this moment. Sometimes he felt that Corporal Rawlings was deliberately fucking with him by making him wait longer. Finally, after what seemed like an age, he heard the short sharp whistle come from inside and quickly slid around the door and into the rear shower cubical furthest from the entrance.

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