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The Pods

by Michael Carter (C) 1997

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The invasion was over before most people had discovered it had begun. It was during the night of the 23rd/24th of November that the things floated down from the sky in metal pods, red hot and steaming from their unbidden passage through our atmosphere. If you were outside at the time, or looking out from a window, you'd be able to see dozens of them slowly descending to Earth.

The ones that my brother and I saw were pretty typical, so said the news reports that we heard later; at first a twinkling in the heavens, imperceptible from a star until it grew closer, nearer, growing larger and glowing, and with a short sharp trail behind it which ended abruptly as if physically cut off. They came down not as comets or meteorites would, not at an angle, but just down; straight down, horizontally, wavering occasionally in an unsteady flight-path.

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