Gay Toy in the Roman Arena

Part Two

By C.M. Knox

copyright 2012 C.M. Knox. all rights reserved.

smashwords edition

Gay Toy in the Roman Arena begins in Part One! Previously: veteran ISEEC researcher Sam's job is to explore the memories of people from history with the aid of some unique AIs. While exploring, he was sucked into a particularly powerful memory: Roman gladiator Julius' encounter with Judah of Judaea, another slave fighter. The two men made a surprisingly swift connection while waiting for their fight to start – a fight neither of them expects to win, especially not after their opponents turned out to be none other than famed gladiator Aristarchus the Greek and his phalanx of well-equipped fighters.

Aristarchus the Greek grinned and spat on the blood-streaked sand, pacing in front of his little phalanx of hoplites. The eight men on his team thumped their spears against shields in challenge. “Know that you face the beloved of Jupiter this day,” he cried, to the crowd's wild shouts of encouragement. The full might of the Colosseum surrounded them, rank upon rank of Romans in a chaotic cheering mass. “I suggest you fall upon your swords now, for you stand a greater chance of harming these mighty hoplites by drowning them in your blood than with any force of arms." The whole thing had the ring of a memorized speech.

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