Mom’s Own- an interactive guide book on Pregnancy

Rahul Sen

Copyright 2012 by Rahul Sen

Smashwords Edition

Author’s Note

Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a great privilege for a woman to be able to carry and give birth to a child. Pregnancy is a very unique time in her life and she must know how to enjoy and share this time with everybody around her. Nowadays, women are bombarded with information which makes them tense and anxious, and thereby they are robbed of the euphoria of being able to carry a precious gift inside them for nine months.

Hence, this book is my effort to make them understand the basics of pregnancy in interactive, question-answer form, without going into too much of unnecessary jargon. I wanted to be as lucid as possible and added interesting anecdotes from my twenty-six years long experience as an obstetrician.

I hope the book may serve the budding parents.

Please log on to my website if you have any queries. I would highly appreciate your opinions and suggestions about the book.

Rahul Sen

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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