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Alone In The Dark

Published by Devan Johnson at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Devan Johnson

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The air was crisp and cold as Sarah followed her friends through the woods. If her parents knew that she was out at 3am in the woods outside the town, instead of at home where her sister’s life sized doll laid staged in her bed as her she’d be deader than a doornail. Sarah normally didn’t do things like this, but John, the hunk of the 12th grade, had personally invited her. They were sneaking out in the middle of the night to the woods, where John had already had everything set up for the ritual. In Bleakwood Meadows there was a legend, The Slender Man. It was said that if you looked upon his faceless form he would drag you screaming back to hell and no one escaped. He supposedly lived in the woods outside Bleakwood and whenever a child would act up their parents would tell them to behave or the Slender Man was going to come and get them. Sarah, John, and all the others had grown up with this tale of this slender boogyman and she didn’t believe it at all. But for some it wasn’t a legend, some of the people in town actually believed in him and would never go in the woods after dark. The only symbol that the slender man had been there was a circle with an x through it. John had checked a book out at the library about the Slender Man and it had told him a ritual to summon the monster. That is why Sarah had snuck out, disobeyed her parents, and was freezing. She told herself that if this scored her a date with John though that it would all be worth it.

There was five kids all together in their adventure into the woods; John, Susan, Kevin, Josh , and herself. John was the Quarterback and the leader of the wrestling team, any girl in Bleakwood High would give anything to be called his girl. Susan was Sarah’s competition, she was head cheerleader, 12th grade class president, and her parents were the most wealthy people in town. Kevin was by all aspects a nerd, everyone knew that the only reason John kept him around was to do his homework so he could maintain his 4.0 and his position on the football team. Though Sarah really had no room to judge, she knew that in others eyes she was nerdier than all of them. She spent her lunches in the library reading books and when she graduated her dream was to open her own library. Josh was the lazy prankster of the school. Whenever he wasn’t putting cherry bombs in the principal's toilet, or swiping the answers to tomorrow's test off of Mrs. Gladburry’s desk, he was found in the back of the field smoking pot with his little prodigy, Bill. Now that Sarah thought about it, this was the first time she had ever seen Josh not with Bill. She was pulled out of her thoughts as a strong odor struck her nose that reminded her strongly of skunk. She looked ahead of her to Josh and sure enough he held a rolled piece of paper in his fingers. He pressed the joint to his lips and inhaled, he must have noticed her staring because over a coughing fit he asked her if she wanted any. She refused in disgust and Josh just shrugged taking another long toke. “How much farther John?” Whined Susan. She was behind John and had to be halfway frozen solid, she was in her cheerleading skirt and skimpy T-shirt that revealed breasts that Sarah had only wished for. “We’re almost there.” John reassured her without looking back at the skankily dressed girl. John wasn’t lying, they came upon a clearing. At first Sarah didn’t recognize where they were in the dark, but as they got nearer she realized it was the old lumber mill, where John’s dad cut down trees for use in town.

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