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John had everyone gather round in a circle around a cut down tree stump. The stump was lined with black and red candles, the closer Sarah got she realized that the candles had the Slender Marking on them. The circle with the X through it. “Josh go and grab the needed item.” John commanded as he opened his backpack to pull out the library book on the Slender Man. Josh returned with one of his mother’s clucking chickens in his arms. “What the hell are we going to do with that?” Sarah asked nervously. “We need to draw the symbol on the tree stump in blood and then chant the slender rhyme. Then he will appear to us.” John said as he handed out folded pieces of paper to each person. “Susan did you bring what you were asked?” John asked. “Y..y..yes,” Susan stuttered, apparently the cold had gotten to her. She pulled out her father’s hunting knife and Josh sat the chicken’s neck on the stump. “Well let’s get this over with,” Josh said as a fog settled in the woods. Sarah was frightened, not because she thought this ridiculous ritual would work, but because with the dark and the fog it would be near impossible for them to find their way home. John nodded and took the knife from Susan, “Now after i do this we drain the blood into the bucket, we then draw the symbol and each of the five of us drop three of our hairs, one for each of the Slender Man’s victims, onto the symbol and then we chant the rhyme.” With that said John swung the knife down and the chickens clucking was brought to a halt. Sarah flinched as they drained the blood into the bucket and she thought Susan was going to hurl. John then grabbed a paint brush along with Kevin and proceeded to draw the symbol on the stump. As the five of them put their hairs on the symbol they chanted: OUT OF THE DARKNESS THE DEMONS DID COME TO STEAL AWAY THE CHILDREN OH EVERY LAST ONE AWAY WERE THE CHILDREN TO HIDE IN THEIR BEDS FOR FEAR THAT THE DEVIL WOULD CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS

As they finished the chant, Lightning flashed and thunder boomed, oddly they were not followed by any rain. Susan jumped and let out a shriek. Sarah waited and waited for something... anything... to happen, so did everyone else. All of a sudden everyone started to back away from Sarah with wide eyes and terrified faces. Sarah knew that she was going to regret turning around but she did either way. Behind her stood a tall figure, at least 9 feet tall, he wore all black and his arms stretched to almost inhuman length and resembled tentacles. The figure had no face for what Sarah could see and she knew that it must be no other than the Slender Man himself! The crumby ritual had worked after all! She went to run but two of the hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up. She was kicking and screaming and wondering why no one was helping her. That’s when she realized that they were all laughing! “What the hell is so funny? Help me!” She screamed. A warm sticky liquid flooded over her head and obscured her vision. The Slender Man had dumped the chicken blood over her head! She bit the hand that had her arm filling her mouth with the blood of the chicken. Her bite was followed by a very human howl of pain. She turned to look at the Slender Man again, but this time she noticed that the faceless head that had scared her earlier was canvas and the throat had to holes in it where she could see eyes looking back at her. She kicked at the Slender imposter’s legs and there was a satisfying crunch as the stilts used to make the imposter so tall broke. This brought Sarah and the prankster tumbling down. She tackled him and ripped off the head of the costume. “BILL!” She screamed in rage as she balled up her fist and hit him in the nose. “I should have known!”

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