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The Prudent Speculator

Published by John Buckingham at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 John Buckingham

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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We put together two separate diversified listings of a dozen of our most undervalued purchase candi­dates for each of John Buckingham’s 2012 San Francisco MoneyShow presentations, Value of Dividends and Time for Value. The union of those lists appears below with each stock trading for a significant discount to our deter­mination of long-term fair value and/or offering favorable risk/reward profiles. Note that, while we always seek sub­stantial capital gains, we require lower appreciation po­tential for stocks that we deem to have more stable earn­ings streams, more diversified businesses and stronger balance sheets. The natural corollary is that riskier com­panies must offer far greater upside to warrant a recom­mendation. Further, as total return is how performance is ultimately judged, we explicitly factor dividend payments into our analytical work.

Broad diversification is a critical component of our in­vestment strategy, so the 24 stocks presented in this space are meant to serve as a portfolio foundation for new in­vestors and as a pick-list for folks already maintaining well-diversified holdings. Diversification, we find, serves us in two ways: by minimizing individual stock risk, while maximizing the likelihood of finding the big winners among the undervalued masses.

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