Building Credit After Divorce
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Table of Contents

What You Need To Know!

The Effect of Divorce on Your “Credit Capacity”

The Effect of Divorce on Your “Credit Capital”

The Effect of Divorce on Your “Credit Character”

What You Can Do!


Building Credit After Divorce

Continuing on special case topics, we focus in this book on how divorce affects your credit and how you can rebuild your credit after divorce.

What You Need To Know!

When people marry they look forward to many years of emotional togetherness. Most married couples blend their financial lives, as well. When couples divorce, the emotional togetherness is broken. But the financial ties are often not as easily broken. In fact, the financial impacts of divorce can continue for many years.

If you are among those who may be facing divorce or who have recently gone through a divorce, you should be aware that divorce could have extremely adverse effects on your credit. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid or minimize those consequences.

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