Peter Cowlam

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Professor Meakin is an academic and musicologist. He receives a commission from TV arts presenter George Kembal, who is scripting his documentary of film noir director Izzy Glicksteen. Glicksteen is long deceased, but recently his film autobiography – for a long time thought lost – has come to light. The film features as its background score passages from the symphonies and song cycles of Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler. As a Mahler specialist, Professor Meakin is wanted by Kembal as a consultant on his project. Another consultant Kembal calls on is the controversial social theorist Margo Quine. Quine, it turns out, is an old and bitter rival of Professor Meakin, and while Meakin is already contemplating a career change, will Margo Quine push him over the edge into that decision?


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