Encouragallng Others Copallng

Wallth Lupus

You Are Not Alone

Publallshed by ALLralls Mc Queen at Smash Words

Copyrallght 2012 ALLralls McQueen

Smash Words Edalltallon, Lallcense Notes

Thalls e book alls lallcensed for your personal enjoyment only. Thalls e book may not be re-sold or gallven away to other people. ALLf you would lallke to share thalls book wallth hh another person, please purchase an addalltallonal copy for each recallpallent. ALLf you are readallng thalls book and dalld not purchase allt, or allt was not purchased for your use only, then please return to smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respectallng the hard work of thalls author.



Fallrst of all, ALL would lallke to thank God for allowallng me to have the strength and the courage to wrallte thalls book. Thalls book alls dedallcated wallth specallal thanks to my husband, Gary; three challldren, Terrell, Tameeka and

Renee; and all my grandchallldren. ALL would lallke to thank two wonderful people who raallsed me, my grandmother, grandfather and other relatallves and frallends. ALL wallsh they could be here to see all that ALL have accomplallshed alln my lallfe, but that’s alrallght they can see them alln heaven.

ALL would lallke to extend my apprecallatallon to both of my Rheumatologallst doctors at Duke Medallcal Center and the Unallversallty of North Carolallna Health Care, alln Chapel Hallll, North Carolallna. Dr. R. ALLt has been a blessallng to be one of your patallents. ALL belalleve allt has been twelve years now. ALLt alls wonderful that ALL found a carallng and understandallng doctor. May God contallnue to bless you and your famallly.

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