The Hen Night

James Snow

Published by James Snow at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Snow

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It was just like any other Saturday afternoon at work when they came in. Three girls in their early twenties dressed as bumblebees. Not the usual outfit you'd expect to see on a Saturday and only half modest. The outfit consisted of black t-shirts with yellow stripes with tiny black shorts and thigh high stockings. As soon as I laid eyes on them I knew I would be putty in their hands.

It was the blonde who approached me first. She had magnificent green eyes and was absolutely gorgeous. She was relatively short but her figure was to die for, the tight black t-shirt clinging to her huge breasts and the bare skin between her shorts and stockings so smooth and tempting.

I smiled at her as she walked towards me, one of my most winning smiles I could manage.

"How can I help you?" I asked her.

"My friends had a bit of an accident." She said. "She lost her phone and it's her hen night. We are in York for the evening and needed to try and get a cheap phone for tonight."

I smiled at her and gestured toward the nearest desk. She pulled out a chair and sat down opposite me, turning back to face her friends.

"Come on then clumsy." She called out.

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